18vs18 Strongpoints


Below are tactical maps of each of the playable strongpoints in the official 18vs18 rotation. High resolution versions can be found in a Google Drive here.

You can click on the map to go to dedicated map pages. These pages contain all the banned structures on the individual maps. The Google Drive of banned structures can be found here.

Neutral Maps

Carentan - Train Station (TS)

Hill 400 - Flak Pits (FP)

SME - Checkpoint (CP)

Remagen - Ludendorff Bridge (LDB)

SME - Hospice (HOS)

Kharkiv - St Mary (STM)

Non-Neutral Maps

Carentan - Derailed train (DT)

Hill 400 - Roer River House (RRR)

SMDM - Rue de la Gare (RUE)

SMDM - Hugo's Farm (HF)

SME - Artillery Battery (AB)

Kharkiv - Bitter Spring (BSP)

Kharkiv - Lumberworks (LW)

Stalingrad - Yellow House (YEH)